The Dignity Collective

We share a commitment to international cooperation that centres dignity and respect.

'Human dignity is the core of my work'

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General

Is your programme respectful? How, exactly, do you know that? Did you ask people?

In the rush to do good, charities and governments often end up disrespecting people by treating them as a number, by not valuing their time, or by making them jump through demeaning hoops to access aid.

We all want to do better. But right now we don’t have the tools to do so.

The Dignity Project is an ongoing campaign for more respectful development.



71% experience disrespectful treatment at the hands of powerful others.
Cash Transfers

Cash Transfers

Cash transfers are more respectful than in-kind aid.
Charity Donations

Charity Donations

Donors give more to respectful charities.
Defining Dignity

Defining Dignity

Poor Nairobians have a unique definition of dignity.

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