Who experiences disrespect, and when? What types of lives do people lead, while they face disrespect?

Do Kenyans feel they are treated with respect?:

  • 26% of Kenyans say no, their leaders do not put in enough effort into being respectful towards them.
  • 33% of Kenyans say yes, their leaders do put enough effort into being respectful towards them. 35% say somewhat.


That’s according to data collected by Twaweza, as part of the Summer 2018 round of their regular Sauti za Wananchi poll.


Now, we are conducting an analysis of the Twaweza dataset, of AfroBarometer’s Round 7 data from 34 African countries, and the dataset we collected with Busara, to examine the correlates of disrespect – looking at its association with everything from gender to security to willingness to be interviewed. We’ll be back soon with a lot more detail!





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