Mutual Aid in the UK

Mutual Aid in the UK

New Solidarity: How Mutual Aid Might Change Britain

Before Black Lives Matter, another, quieter social movement swept the country. They prefer not to think of themselves in those terms – but campaigners, organisers, and politicians can. A patchwork of new groups has the potential to reshape our society.

4,224 groups have made a huge national donation – equivalent to 3.6m hours of volunteering, or £31m.

Mutual aid is more than just neighbourliness. It is politically potent. In this report, we examine how it might change British politics.

These results are the first data on this movement, with survey responses from 182 members of mutual aid groups in the UK, collected from 11-30 May through an online questionnaire.



“These new forms of generosity we are seeing – organising, networks, projects, donations, support and outreach – are numerous beyond counting, a superbloom of altruistic engagement.” – Rebecca Solnit.

Statistics on mutual aid in the UK