Our research shows that 71% of poor Nairobians experience disrespectful treatment at the hands of powerful others; those people are less happy and less empowered. It shows that cash transfers are more respectful than in-kind aid, that donors give more to respectful charities, and that poor Nairobians have a unique definition of dignity.

Building respectful development

First steps toward building respectful development requires overcoming misalignments: three experiments on dignity in aid in Kenya and the United States

Respectful research

How should researchers properly respect their participants? What does a research ethics centred on dignity look like? Led by Busara.

Research compensation

When people participate in research, how should they be compensated? Are there ways of doing so that are more or less respectful?

Read The Dignity Report

The Dignity Report charts our learnings from 10 studies and three years of research in international development.

Dignity in my organization

Dignity is/isn’t a problem for my organization. Why should we bother talking about it?

At the Heart of the Matter: A Life-Saving Technology Grapples with Dignity and Brand Advocacy

Learning about healthcare, respect and brand advocacy.

Talking About Dignity

What do we really know about what happens when our dignity is denied?

Cash Transfers

Jeremy Shapiro’s RCT shows cash transfers are more respectful than other kinds of aid.

Charity Donations

Donors give 60% more to respectful charities, shows our MTurk experiment.

Defining Dignity In Kenya

Read about poor Nairobians’ uniquely purposeful definition of dignity.

Experiences Of Disrespect

Disrespect is common for many. Read more on who experiences disrespect.

Correlates of Disrespect

Find out more on disrespect in our analysis of Afrobarometer data.

Small Acts Of Respectfulness

What difference do small acts of respectfulness make? Click below!

Dignity in the charity sector

A large majority of surveyed US non-profit staff are committed to discussing dignity. Many are even prepared to put their pay checks on the line to do so.

Dignity in the NHS

There have been important efforts to understand and improve dignity and respect in medicine in general, in intensive care units and in maternal health.

Mutual Aid in the UK

Mutual aid is more than just neighbourliness. It is politically potent. In this report, we examine how it might change British politics.

Literature Review

What have other people said about dignity? We review the academic literature.

Other Articles

Read the Dignity Project’s written contributions in other venues.

Research agenda paper

What’s on the agenda for this campaign? Learn more and send your suggestions